How To Renovate Your Bathroom

You don’t need to spend an arm and a leg on renovating your bathroom. The simplest ideas can give your bathroom a totally new look. Here are a few points to consider depending on your budget.

1. Storage

To remove any clutter in your bathroom, you can install some simple floating shelves with baskets and boxes. You can put in extra towel racks and hooks or even a heated towel rack. Decorative containers also look great..

2. Walls

A fresh coat of paint will make your bathroom feel brand new. You can choose any colour but lighter colours will help to make it seem larger.

3. Tiles

If you don’t want to replace your tiles yourself, then you can regrout them. You can also give your tiles a new look with special tile and bath paint.

4. Vanity

Improve your built-in vanity unit by replacing the handles and hinges. You can also strip and re-paint the doors or completely replace them.


5. Fittings

Make your bathroom look better by changing the light fittings and ventilation. You can also install a bathroom heater combined with lights and a fan.

6. Mirrors

Hanging more mirrors will make your bathroom look bigger and more than one person can use the mirrors at the same time.