How To Paint a Room In A Day

Painting a room is not a difficult task but one must know how to start the paint process and what the basic guidelines are. Instead of hiring a contractor and depending on your capabilities, wait for the weekend to start painting in your room. You can save your money by following our tips for How to Paint a Room in a Day. It is our surety that you will paint the room in professional way with our step by step guidance.

1. Prepare Before Paint


Before the start of painting, there are some tasks which are essential to carry out. First of all, the room should be empty. There should be no furniture, wall painting, nails, or carpet in the room. Otherwise the yoru things will have the spots of paint. If you need to cover objects with plastic or paper. Now, clean the room, ceiling and walls for a shiny paint.

You can get a sponge and Tri-Sodium Phosphate to get rid of dirt. Tri- Sodium Phosphate has quality to clean the walls in a short time span. Instead of scrubbing the wall, go for TSP liquid. You can clean the grease on the kitchen walls with this material. Our staff at Bassas Bardware will help you find what you are looking for. In bathroom, TSP solution should be used around the switches and hair spray areas. Keep in mind, the grease, dirt and oily spots on the walls become visible even after paint, so it is wise to clean the spots before paint.

2. Selection of Paint


You can try the same paint color which is already used on the walls. If you want to show your creativity, just observe the theme of furniture in the room and select the matching color for it. Ask us at Bassas Hardware to help select the correct paint for your bedroom, living room or hallway. Moreover, apply different shades of paint and check what will look awesome in your room. At Bassas Hardware we are experienced and will guide you about the type of paint.

3. Selection of Brushes


Brushes are available in different shapes and qualities. Select the wall brush which is almost 4 inches wide and flat for room pain. On the other hand, the brush size which has 2 to 3 inch wide is good for painting the door. The brushes which are up to 1 and half inch wide are perfect for the detailed painting. You can get the help at Bassas Hardware to provide the best brushes for room paint.
There are roll painter as well which are used to paint the walls. If you are using the roller, infuse the roller in the paint but don’t overfill it. Use it in the vertical direction and paint the area in horizontal direction. It is suggested to purchase the paint and brushes a day before the start of paint work ,otherwise, you may waste hours in selecting and purchasing the paints and products.

4. Cover the Switches


Before painting the room, cover the switches and electric board in the room. Take out all the outlet covers and switches. Around the windows and wooden work, you can use paintertape to avoid spots of paint. Painter tape is the best to save these areas from paint.

5. Strain the Paint

If you have bought a bucket of paint from the store, don’t use it because there may be chunks of hard paint in it. First stir the paint with a clean metal or wooden stick. It is necessary to strain the paint so that the hard material can be extracted. In the market, there are strainers which are used to take out the hard paint chunks from the paint. Bring a bucket and insert the strainer in it. Now put in the paint and let the chunk of solid paint within the strainer. If there is any debris, it can be caught by the strainer.

6. Repair the Damaged Areas


Before the start of the paint, check the damaged areas and fix the dent, cracks or any kind of damage. If there are cracks, cut away the plaster and make a scrap. Now fill the gap with the help of tape known as fiber glass. Let the patches dry for a few hours. You can make the surface smooth by using the sand paper.

7. Moisture in Room

Paint on the dry surface only. In case the weather is moist, switch on the air conditioner and close all the windows to start the work. Usually the paint has lower volatile organic compound which are not dangerous for allergic patients as well. The chemicals in the paint have stinking smell therefore open the window to let the fresh air come in the room. Otherwise the chemical can affect your health.

8. Paint the Walls and Windows Sashes

Load your brush and start painting on the walls. Let the first coat dry and gather your energy for second coat. One and half inch wide brush is perfect for window sashes. Keep on dipping the brush in paint and change the color of the window sashes. In case the paint drops on the window, use the razor and scrap it.


As soon as the walls are painted, take out the painter tape. However remove the tape in a slow motion so that it cannot damage the paint. If you are unsure about the procedure, use a hair dryer over the tape and it will be removed easily. As soon as the tape is removed, start painting the closet and keep on painting in downward motion. Now change the color of doors and window frames.

How to Paint a Room in a Day is easy to understand. You can get the help of family members as well. Take a break while painting the room and let the other member to join you. After finishing the task, wash the brushes to remove the paint. It is better to put them in kerosene oil for an hour and wash them with water. The brushes are expensive so keeping them in a protective way is better. As you have leant How to Paint a Room in a Day, so you can plan to paint the other rooms on next weekend.