How To Save Water

Water is the source for all life and we have forgotten this. Although we can afford it, we abuse it. Water is a gift. Use it - Don’t abuse it. Educating the kids about water conservation can help them in knowing the importance of water. There are various ways which can be used to save the water resources. The kids usually turn on the tap and love to use hand wash to make maximum foam on their hands. It is a great wastage of water. The head of family can help the kids in reducing the excessive use of water. Here are some ways to Educate your family on saving water:

1. Water Leakage

Water Leakeage

It is the duty of all the members of family to keep an eye on the water leakage. The wastage of water through leaking showerhead, pipes, tap and toilet reduce the quantity of saved water. It is estimated that a single tap can waste more than 2000 liters of water within 30 days. Therefore teach your family to check the water leakage and inform about the issue. As soon as the water leakage is confirmed, use the home made service to repair the leakage. Moreover the water meter is also used to know about the leakage of water.

2. Use of Shower

Water Shower

In all families, there is a member who enjoys shower for hours. Instruct the family members to take bath in a few minutes because the shower utilizes almost 7 liters of water within a minute. If you minimize the time, you can save hundreds of liters water in a year.

3. Devices to Save Water

Water Devices

Side by side the saving tips; there are different devices which help in minimizing the use of water. Aerators is a device which mixes the air in water. Dual flush toilet, flow regulator and displacement devices (for single flush) are some of the helpful ways to use water cautiously. It is interesting that these water saving equipments are not costly so each family can afford to purchase these equipments.

4. Turn On the Tap When Required

Water Tap

Don’t turn on the tap when you are shaving or brushing the teeth. The ladies in the kitchen use excessive water for washing the fruits or vegetable. Turn the tap off when you are using liquid on the dishes. By saving water, the resources of water remain safe. One of the most excessive usages of water is related to washing of clothes.

5. Appliances for Water

Water drops

It is interesting that appliances for reducing the consumption of water can be selected on the basis of stars. Different appliances such as toilet flush system and washing machine should be bought by checking the four stars or five stars.

6. Car Washing

Water Car Wash

Washing of car is a day to day job. In spite of using pipe to clean your car, use bucket. Definitely the pipes waste liters of water unnecessarily. If you like to clean the garage, use the water cans to avoid consumption of excessive water. Side by side, you can sweep the drive ways to trim down the water usage.

7. Use of Water in Garden

Water Garden

If you have a garden or lawn, definitely you require a great amount of water for plants and grass. Usually watering the garden is a task which can be performed by any member of family. Educate your family on saving water and teach them not to use sprinkler. In spite of using pipes or sprinklers, the best option is rain barrel. It gives appropriate amount of water to plants and also reduces the bill. If you give water to plants early in the morning or after sunset, it is better for the growth of plants. Moreover it saves water from evaporation.

8. Other Things

  • Cut a two litre bottle near the top, fill it with water and pace it your toilet cistern. You can save about 1,5 liters in every flush.
  • Install a Jojo tank if possible.